Hello 5G, Hello Higher Prices

Prepare to welcome lightening quick 5G this year, an exciting technology development that will likely have a major effect on your company's wireless expenses. The next generation of telecommunications standards is said to be faster, more reliable, and the backbone of future technology (like wireless VR and autonomous cars).

But really, how fast can it be?

To compare, on a 3G network, a 2 hour movie would take 26 hours to download. On a 4G network, it would take 6 minutes and on a 5G network it would only take 3.6 seconds. That’s some pretty impressive speed. But don’t be surprised if that speed comes with a higher price tag.

It's estimated that the total cost for infrastructure will be closer to $200 billion and someone is going to have to pay for it. Analysts expect companies to tiptoe towards higher rates as users become accustomed to the higher speed and more reliable service.

So what does that mean for your business? Despite the higher cost, 5G is necessary for a “Smart Technology” future – but that doesn’t mean you have to foot the bill yourself. As cellular plans creep up in price, you can reign in the cost of your company’s wireless expenses by utilizing a Mobile Expense Management system (MEM).

MEMs use data analytics to ensure that each device is on the most appropriate cellular plan and that your resources are efficiently allocated.


Mobil-X™ is a comprehensive suite of wireless expense management tools that can analyze your mobile plans, flag and correct billing errors, monitor data usage, optimize data pools, and ensure efficient and cost effective allocation of your devices.

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